Sunday, February 23, 2014

I won!

Hello everyone! So, something very exciting has happened to me since I last posted. If any of you know me well, you'll probably know that I'm slightly obsessed with the British singer Kate Nash. In fact, I've posted about her and how amazing I think she is before. Fan girl status. No shame!

Anyhow, she posted to her social networks on Valentine's Day that she was putting on a contest. She wanted her fans to send in an email, poem, story, etcetera, about who their valentine was this year. She would go through them and pick her top 5 favorites. The winners would get a signed photo from her. Since my boyfriend and I have a pretty good story, I decided to send in an entry.

A few days after I sent in my email, I got a reply saying she loved mine and that I was chosen as one of the winners! It was so exciting I had trouble breathing for a few moments!!

I've had a couple requests to see what I entered so I figured I'd post it on the blog.

Here is what I sent in (WARNING: it's really cheesy):

Hi Kate, so this year my valentine is something like 3,700 miles away. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and he lives in Carlisle, England. We started out over 2 years ago as snail mail pen pals. Ten months after communicating only via mail and internet, I flew across the Atlantic to meet him... BEST DECISION EVER. He's absolutely amazing and worth every mile. He's coming to visit me in 29 days and I can't fricking wait. I'm hoping one day soon we'll get to permanently close the gap.

Anyways, after my last visit (in November 2013), I wrote this poem with him in mind. It's based off a photo I took standing outside his front door before a walk into town one day. 

41 Dalston Road

autumn leaves beneath my feet;

heavy, damp air
sticks to my skin,

close to earth --
not oppressive --
embrace tree tops.
branches droop.

my lungs expand
and I breathe in 
his scent,

Thank you so much for being such an amazing person/artist and for taking the time to read this! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day. :) x


So that's the entry that got me into the top 5! I'm still kind of in disbelief that she chose mine. Super happy about it. I guess Tom and I really do have a great story though!

-teddy x

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