Monday, August 4, 2014

coming together

Things are finally beginning to come together at my new place. It's essentially been me, myself, and I doing all the packing and moving and unpacking and I've been working 10 hour days so it's been a slow process. I feel like I've done so much work but haven't actually made that much progress!

Over the weekend, my brother and I journeyed to my grandpa's house in Hazel Park (near Detroit) to have a look around. He's in an assisted living place now and there's going to be an estate sale on his house within the next few weeks. It's still filled with old belongings and memorabilia. Lots of vintage things to cozy up my apartment with! I found plenty of basics like dishes and tools but I also found quite a few really neat odds and ends.

I haven't had a chance to take pictures of everything yet but I have some (of particularly crappy quality and technique so I'm sorry for that -- I'll do better next time!)

The thing at the bottom right is a video camera. I plan to have a shelf showcasing all sorts of old cameras.

Definitely going to make sun tea on my balcony porch.

Magazine stand and a few cook books. Gettin' all domestic and stuff.

Amazing teapot.

Can't wait to use this serving tray!

Awesome knife set!

 The best canisters I've ever seen plus an amazing spice rack.

I spent a good three hours yesterday afternoon scrubbing all my finds from my grandpa's house clean. Everything in his house has been there for years and years and there's a good portion of it that hasn't been touched. I'll do a post with proper pictures (that aren't taken with an iPhone) once I get settled in and organized!!

-teddy x


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