Tuesday, September 9, 2014

random rantings

Sometimes my brain goes crazy with random thoughts and it won't shut up until I tell them to someone... Soooo HELLO blog, my little cyber writing space that I keep neglecting!

So first off, I've started at Ferris State University this semester, and I'm enrolled in a program called Integrative Studies.  What, you might ask, is integrative studies?  Well, I wasn't too sure either, up until yesterday.  All I knew was that it's good for people who have loads of credits, work full-time, and have families.  A.K.A., me.  I finally was able to meet with a school counselor yesterday and basically what she told me is that I can take ANY classes I want.  The only requirements are that they're 300-level or higher, and I need about 30 to graduate (finally) with my bachelor's degree.  I'm beyond happy.  I'm going to take all the English and writing and Philosophy and Psychology I can!

Unrelated, I find it quite amusing to hear people try and use the word "feminist" as an insult.  I mean really... can you please just do your homework and find out what the word truly means and stands for? K thanks.  Also, it may not come as a surprise to find out I HATE catcalling.  Never do I find it flattering.  It is always obtrusive and obnoxious and uncomfortable.  Today while I was pumping gas, some sleezy dirt bags decided to make some comments that I didn't much care for... I'm still contemplating calling the company they work for (Walk-A-Bout Lawn Care - they were getting out of the company truck) and complaining.

Next up on tonight's list of thoughts... I've discovered I'm quite good at making banana bread.  I've also discovered that it's really easy to make.  This makes me happy, because banana bread is ace.

Ahh, this one may sound like an echo of thoughts of voiced before... but dang, Harry Potter is awesome.  I'm in the middle of re-reading the series (which I haven't done, in order, for a few years now), and I almost forgot how it has a way of just sucking me out of real life and pulling me into that world.

Coming soon (maybe): fresh ink!!!  It's been over a year (almost two, actually) since I've gotten a tattoo and I can almost literally feel my skin itching for more.  I'm sure it's a real addiction.

Last but not least... I really, really want to start finding/making time for more yoga in my life!  I want to practice it in as many forms as possible.  It's so relaxing but it's also strengthening and some of it really feels like a good workout.

Well, I think that covers everything tonight.


-teddy x