Monday, July 7, 2014

product review : unite blonda shampoo

Haven't done a product review in quite some time... In fact, I've only ever done one. After washing my hair this weekend I decided it's time for another.

I've been in the process of going blonde for about five months now. Part of the reason why it's taking so long is because of the stupid amounts of $4 box dye that is plaguing my hair. I get bored so easily, but it's not as easy to dish out $80+ every time I decide I need a change. Sooo, my go-to solution is a cheap box of terrible hair dye that destroys my locks and insists on sticking around FOREVER.

I have since made a vow to quit box hair dye. As quick and easy as it is, it's not worth the hassle getting rid of.

I've been through a couple lightening treatments as well as one highlighting sesh. I'm sorta stuck in the ombre phase currently. I like it, but I want a more all-over look. Currently giving my poor strands a break though, so that they don't literally break off (I never used to believe that could actually happen.... and then one time I bleached my hair and months later I realized the right side of my hair was way shorter than the left, thanks to breakage).

I picked up a bottle of UNITE Blonda Shampoo after being recommended it by my lovely hairdresser Sara at Cheeky Strut. It's a bit pricey (by a bit I mean a lot), the 8oz bottle goes for $26.25 on the website. However, I think it's worth it. The shampoo is a toning shampoo and essentially does what a glaze would do. So instead of having to go to the salon to fix your brassy blonde every couple months, and pay however much that costs, you use this shampoo once or twice a week. I think it was February when I bought mine and I still have maybe 1/4 bottle left. 

The instructions say DO NOT leave on for more than 60 seconds... But I definitely leave mine on for like five minutes. Sometimes I'll go without using it for up to two weeks and it's crazy to see the difference it makes when I use it again. This shampoo is fantastic, especially if you're an ex-box-dye-user like myself.

The last photo is of my hair in its most current state. Hoping to gradually work that brown out soon. Anyways, if you struggle with brassy blonde tones, I would highly recommend trying out this product!

-teddy x

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