Wednesday, July 16, 2014

life is crazy, guys

It's been longer than normal since I've posted! Life has been hectic. Since my last post I've become a car owner and have emailed maybe 2 million people (or so it feels) about apartments.

I am ready to get this show on the road.

I've been planning on moving out for ages, literally the longest time, but I've needed to get to the right place financially before doing so (obvs). So here I am. Pretty much in the right financial place. Honestly it felt like I would never make it here.

Everyday I think of how lucky and grateful I am that I have been given my current job opportunity. It is so much better than anything I've ever had; I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Yesterday, I bought a car. Yes, at almost 26 years old, I just bought my first car. And it's the car I've been driving since I got my license almost 10 years ago. But nonetheless, I bought a car. HUGE accomplishment. I don't even really like the car (at all), but I'm so happy it's mine, I don't even (really) care!!

Today on my lunch break, I went to my first apartment viewing. Yes, again, at almost 26 years old, I just went to my first apartment viewing. I have lived out of my parents' house before, but only for 6 months, and the lease was not in my name. This time, it will be.

Do you guys know how difficult it is to find two bedroom apartments (that aren't in Timbuktu or bad parts of town) that are affordable on one income? It is (as you would expect) twice as hard to support not only yourself but another person (in this case it's my cute little child so I forgive him for being dependent on me).

The apartment I saw today was absolutely positively perfect. Well, perfect except it didn't come with a washing machine or dryer (hey, what are parents for, right?). Other than that, it was wonderful. Two porches, a huge backyard, and the most lovely, dark, hardwood floors... Only problem is, I would be stretching my budget massively if I agreed to that for 12 months. So, the wise woman in the back of my brain has told me not to. Sometimes I really don't like her!

However, there's still hope. I've been in contact with another renter this afternoon and I'm seeing one of his properties tomorrow on my lunch break. The rent is much more affordable. It's currently unoccupied, so he'd like to move someone in for August. I was shooting for September, so not to rush things, but financially I would be able to do a month sooner. Let's not get too carried away though... I haven't seen the place in real life yet.

I've included this photo of my cat, Zusi, just for kicks, as I didn't have anything else relevant to this post.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll be back with an update for you sometime soon!


-teddy x


  1. I hope the apartment works out for you, it sounds like a really exciting time! Zusi is so cute! xo

  2. Such a late reply... but thank you!! It has been great! Zusi is crazy, but adorable. :)


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