Sunday, July 20, 2014

friday finds

With plans of (hopefully) finding an apartment soon, I went on a little shopping trip this weekend. A few months ago I found some amazing, vintage, tin canisters (the coffee, tea, flour kind) at some shop, but I wasn't as close to moving as I am now and wasn't even sure if I had a job, so I decided to pass them up.

I went back on Friday, hooooping that no one had bought them yet... no such luck. However I did find a bunch of other cool things, so I guess it ended up alright.

Some pretty neat rooster plates. I think it's the polka dots that won me over, to be honest.

Got two of these lovely little soap dishes. 

Found this awesome stainless steel knife set, complete with sharpener.

Corn on the cob is really good, so naturally I needed corn on the cob holders.

Super cute salt and pepper shakers! The leaf on the apple is broken, but hey it was only $1.

The world's most amazing clothes hamper. 

And this super lovely jewelry box. Not exactly necessary but I've been needing a bigger one.

I'm sure I'll be going on more vintage and thrift shopping excursions once I find an apartment to move into, so if I find anything awesome I'll share!

-teddy x

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