Saturday, July 5, 2014

easy up - do

First off... Alliston in Wonderland has a new look! I think I'm pretty happy with it but I always appreciate feedback. :)

I wore my hair like this the other day and it was actually mostly unintentional. I like to do wrap-around French braids (I start it on one side of my head and braid it around to the other side) sometimes and that's what was supposed to happen here. Halfway through, I completely messed it up. Instead of starting over, I just ended up leaving the part of the braid that I had and then pinning up the rest into a messy bun. Turns out it's a really simple, quick way to put your hair up and it looks pretty classy!

I am so good at looking awkward in pictures. Probably why I prefer to be behind the camera! Also maybe I should mention I've embarked on the long journey of growing out my bangs so I just had them pinned back! 

Enjoy your weekend!

-teddy x

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