Thursday, June 12, 2014

last day of work!

...before my trip. :)

I love my job but it will be kind of nice to get out of the office for a couple weeks seeing as we've been in a temporary location due to the library undergoing renovations. I miss my real office!

I've got the weekend to pack and whatnot, then I leave Monday! Really hoping my long flight has the individual TVs at each seat... Makes the 8 hours go so much faster.

So here's a little bit of what I know is happening during my week in England:

  • Camping (for one night, with 6 people total, in Scotland I believe?)
  • Dinner with the mayor and his wife (this is what comes from dating a politician!)
  • Visiting an animal refuge (looking at the cute kits and pups! ^_^)
  • Chip Shop Friday!!! (fish and chips for Friday's lunch-- one of the highlights!)
  • Going to the pub Friday evening (love the people there & they treat me like a celebrity- so funny!)
  • Watching the England v. Uruguay World Cup match (wish I was gonna be there for more than one)
  • Having Breaking Bad marathons (Tom and I are hooked & need to get through 3 more seasons)
  • Boot camp workouts & running (whipping the boyfriend into shape!! Plus I've been doing them twice a week for over a month now so I can't take afford a two week hiatus!)

That's all that comes to mind at the moment. Not sure how realistic this idea is but I'm going to attempt to do a post per day during my trip. Hopefully I can stick to it!

-teddy x


  1. This is so cute Tess! Have fun! (for me too!)

    1. Thanks, lady! Will do! Let's get lunch when I'm back!! :)


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