Monday, June 23, 2014

england : day seven

Monday was that sad, last-day-before-going-home day. You know that day I'm talking about? The day you have to pack up and think about the fact that you'll actually be leaving the next day. The day where you don't talk about it being sad but it's unspoken and everyone knows it's sad. That was Monday.

Tom and I went to John Watt and Son Coffee House for breakfast. I'd been there before and really liked it and wanted to get a full English. I could eat breakfast for every meal.

I wanted to do a little shopping before going home so later in the afternoon we headed into town to do that. I found a couple small gifts for friends and found myself some new running shoes. After that, we both kind of just wanted to hang out and do nothing so we went back to his house to order in pizza and once again watch Breaking Bad. We made it to the beginning of the last season while I was there so now we just have season 5 left to watch!

-teddy x

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