Wednesday, May 28, 2014

seventies vibes

A few of the many reasons why I was a fan of today's outfit:

It was airy enough for the warm air outside...
Yet warm enough for the cool air inside.
It was appropriate for work...
Yet easily changed into an outfit for my yoga class.
(kept on the leggings and switched out the top. no shoes necessary.)
Not to mention I was really diggin' the 70s vibe.

(I'd like to point out that once again my 4 year old took this.)

Legging detail.

Top detail - front.

Top detail - tie.

Top detail - sleeve.

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21*
Necklace: Jade elephant, given to me as a birthday gift
Ring: Forever 21

*Okay, it's clear I rock a lot of items from Forever 21. Their clothes are cute. However, the quality is not the best. I don't think this is much of a secret. I just wanted to point out the awful experience I had with this top and these leggings. I bought both recently, and when I got home I realized the top had 4 holes in it already. Unfixable holes. I took it back and they were reluctant to exchange it (since I'd already taken the tag off-- even though I still had the tag as well as the receipt) but they did. I'm hoping the one I exchanged it for stays in tact. When I wore the leggings for the first time, I noticed a lot of fabric bunched up at my right ankle (normal, seeing as I'm 5'2" and have short legs) but not at my left. When I took them off that night I laid them out on my floor... and found that the right leg was literally 3-4 inches shorter than the left. Ridiculous!! Anyways, rant over. I still like them!


-teddy x

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