Monday, October 6, 2014

13 things I'm wishing for

I felt a little materialistic upon deciding to create this post, but let's face it, unless you're not human, you're probably wishing for some things, too.  Here's my top 10 (in no particular order, as usual):

1. This trench.

2. This dress.

3. This cabinet.

4. This bag.

5. These boots.

6. This pup.

7. These jars.

8. This necklace.

9. This Leica.

10. This locket.

11. This skirt.

12. This light switch.

13. This dress.

You guys know my birthday is soon, right?  Size small dress/skirt/tops, size 7 shoe.  Kthx.  ;)

-teddy x


  1. Ohh that trench is perfection, as is that light switch! xx


Thanks for the feedback, loves! x