Monday, February 10, 2014

safe sets

In case any of you reading this didn't know (which you probably didn't), I've recently joined a (very) recreational volleyball team with the YMCA.
Wooo Safe Sets!

We only play once a week and we had one week canceled due to weather but so far it's proved itself to be a ton of fun! Literally hadn't
played volleyball in 10 years so it's been interesting remembering
how to do everything.

Tonight we had a double-header and we played at an off-location and
all in all it just turned out to be a pretty eventful night,
so I thought I'd do a recap for you guys:

  • I have concluded that every other team takes this more seriously than ours (which is not a bad thing-- we laugh more than every other team!)
  • A guy on the first team we played took a dive for a ball which turned into somewhat of a face-plant which ultimately led to him not finishing the game and supposedly losing a piece of his chin (I can't stomach that ish so I chose not to check it out while everyone else did)
  • We've all complained about playing at the YMCA because of how busy it is. . . And then we played in a completely quiet middle-school gym with one court. Definitely prefer tons of people around us doing zumba, running, lifting weights, etc., compared to that silence. Awkwaaaard.
  • The ref we had knew little to nothing about volleyball. I think someone just briefed him on the rules before the night started. . . He was also sitting on top of a ladder.
That's really about all I can think of now.
Oh and also, I've re-discovered why knee pad use is recommended! 

Hopefully next week proves to be just as entertaining!

-teddy x

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